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The 114th CSF Explores New Opportunities in the Stationery Retailing Industry


The 114th China Stationery Fair (CSF) will be held at the New Shanghai International Expo Center from 9 to 11 June 2020. 

More than 90% of the booths have been reserved. 

Maintaining its status as one of the industry's leading high-profile and professional events,

the 114th CSF features an expanded 69,000 square meter exhibition space across six halls,

up 38% compared to last time.

In addition to the expanded exhibition space, the 2020 edition is more diversified in terms of exhibits, activities and participants, with the mix of exhibitors better reflecting current trends. 20% of participants are leaders in their respective sectors

The 114th CSF will continue to provide a venue to office, academic and art supply segments. In addition to traditional exhibitors, bags and suitcases for school or office use, painting and photo frames, educational and training services, customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, new retailing technology systems and devices, books and periodicals, as well as production supplies will be on display.

The average booth area per exhibitor has increased to 31.5 square meters, allowing exhibitors to make full use of their booth space to showcase their products and enhance their brand awareness.

To get a better understanding of the current state of the industry and establish a new example for exhibitions in APAC, CSF is ambitiously looking to widen the scope of the event, grow the number of exhibitors and broaden the scope of activities.

The halls and themes highlighted at the 114th CSF:

              Halls E1 and E2 are allocated to leading suppliers of stationery as well as office and scholastic supplies.

              Hall E3 is a boutique hall specially designed for the display of painting accessories as well as exchanges among industry insiders. MIYA, a leading professional provider of painting materials, has reserved a 234-square meter exhibition space, the largest at the 2020 edition currrently.

              Halls E4 and E5 are allocated to the exhibition of academic and office supplies, paper goods, gifts and stationery as well as cultural and creative products. E4 also includes a particular area for production equipment and supplies to meet buyers' different procurement needs fully.

              The section of E5 allocated to overseas brands is one of the highlights of the event. Leading foreign cultural brands have been grouped, giving insiders from different segments of the industry an opportunity to meet and engage in an exchange of opinions and for visitors to take a close look at the world's best cultural products from the four corners of the globe.

              Newly added Hall E6 is where CSF-RemaxWorld, strategic cooperation between China Stationery Fair and China (Zhuhai) RemaxWorld Expo, can be found. Printer and copier equipment, production supplies and finished products, accessories, service solutions, office equipment and intelligent office solutions will be on display. The CSF-RemaxWorld cooperation marks the formal expansion by providers of office equipment and supplies into the stationery and cultural products industry, to create a broader office business platform.

The event will also host individual forums, retailing-themed lectures, art-themed seminars, industry insider meetings and new product release conferences.

Thanks to diverse content, the CSF has attracted a large number of buyers, exhibitors and industry insiders, building a platform for exhibitors to explore the future path for their brands, establish new potential partnerships and achieve win-win cooperation via resource sharing.

Although still in the preparatory stage, the 114th CSF features a new activities lineup, an unprecedented level of professionalism, as well as the gathering of many experts under one roof, in-depth insights into the development of culture-related industries, and discussions among insiders on the industry's hot topics of the day. For more information, please visit www.chinastationeryfair.com.