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What sparks would happen when stationery is in a collision with the representative color of 2020 -- Classic Blue

2019-12-30 source:ISO

In Dec. 2019, Pantone, the leading international color research institution, announced the representative color of 2020 -- Classic Blue. The color number is Pantone 19-4052.

Over the past 21 years, Pantone has published color of the year and corresponding color Numbers continuously, providing a reference for global trends in creativity, design, art and other fields.

The choice of classic blue as the representative color of 2020 comes from the fact that blue itself gives people a broad sense. In the coming new era, I hope calm blue can bring more peace and tranquility to people. Many well-known brands in the field of stationery, in fact, has been eyeing this color, what spark would happy when the classic blue in a collision with stationery? Please share your opinions to angelina.chen@comexposium.com.