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Enterprises from the stationery industry have come to the rescue during the epidemic and the China Stationery Fair has focused on the latest situation. All of us have come together to overcome all the difficulties


Recently, the COVID-19 infection has spread the epidemic of pneumonia and the situation is looking grim. It has aroused widespread concern from our community and the rest of the world, and has also affected millions of citizens. Among the exhibitors of the China Stationery Fair, many brands join in the team of aid, observe social responsibility with practical actions, support the anti-epidemic work in all aspects through different channels and forms, donate materials, collect donations and provide a remote diagnosis and treatment platform for the hospitals. As soon as they could, they rushed to the epidemic areas and front-line medical staff to help win the battle of epidemic prevention and control. Under this dire situation, the intelligent office mode represented by remote diagnosis and treatment platform and remote office ushered in new challenges and opportunities. In order to provide better support for social and economic operations, the China Stationery Fair will focus on the latest development trends of the office equipment industry and deeply consider the impact of science and technology on modern office.

In the face of the epidemic, it is incumbent for brand enterprises to stand up.

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus infection is fierce and affects all parties. Many cultural products enterprises have developed the spirit of entrepreneurship, demonstrated a high sense of social responsibility and worked hard to contribute towards winning the battle. Deli has donated 10 million yuan in cash to the Red Cross Society of China for the procurement of epidemic prevention materials and the rewards and subsidies for front-line medical workers, and fully supported epidemic prevention and control; the Guangbo Group donated 2.5 million yuan for epidemic prevention and control through the Charity Association of Haishu District, Ningbo City; the Qixin Group gives full play to its strong scientific and technological advantages, creates a telemedicine working platform for major hospitals and builds a telemedicine platform to guarantee and escort the efficient treatment of patients; Qingdao Bailai, an excellent exhibitor from Shandong Province, donated 100000 yuan for cultural love and the Hero Group donated 1 million medical examination gloves.

Zhejiang Province, a major commodity manufacturing province, has shown great love from the nation. Entrepreneurs pay close attention to the epidemic situation, participate in and actively help in succession. The Yiwu enterprises jointly donated more than 1.37 million yuan to the Yiwu Red Cross Society, including the China Stationery Fair's KUKI cultural creativity, Hengpin cultural products and other exhibitors. There are also exhibitors from Qingyuan County, Zhejiang Province who helped11: Zhejiang Jiuling brush 300000, Zhejiang Hongxing stationery 300000 and Zhejiang Qingyuan Odi 200000; Zhejiang Nami new materials Co., Ltd., Anji County exhibitors, donated 5,000 masks, raised more than 200,000 yuan, and purchased 100,000 medical masks to support Wuhan; Ningbo exhibitor Chuangyuan culture donated 46500 masks, 6 temperature detection equipment and other disinfecting alcohol, cold medicine and other items about 110,000 yuan, which contributed valuable strength to the resistance of the epidemic.

In the China Stationery Fair, there are many other exhibitors like this. All of us work together to fight the epidemic with love and care. The epidemic will pass and spring will definitely come. The China Stationery Fair is looking forward to welcoming you in June!

Intelligent office, a new challenge under the epidemic.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Internet technology has provided strong support for maintaining the normal operations of the country's economy. The intelligent remote mode is not only applied in the medical field, but also widely reflected in the major Internet companies. According to the national regulations, the holidays will be extended to February 2. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places have successively issued the notice of delayed resumption of work, requiring all enterprises except the necessary industries to work remotely on February 10. At present, the self-isolated office mode has become the best way for both enterprises and employees. This measure also promotes the demand for remote office to increase dramatically and become a major trend in the future. The application of the remote office will usher in new development opportunities.

After the Spring Festival, we can see the development potential of the remote intelligent office. Based on multiple working scenarios, such as instant messaging, online meeting, cloud disk, customer management, contract management, employee training, etc., enterprise remote office requires corresponding collaboration functions. Behind any subdivision application scenario in the industry, there will be a huge market which will attract multiple suppliers and support various operation scenarios of the enterprise. The China Stationery Fair which takes "smart office, leading the future" as the theme of the 114th exhibition forum, has long sensed the industry's first opportunity. The sudden outbreak of pneumonia not only makes the industry focus on the latest development trend of the office equipment industry, but also allows us to think deeply about the impact and change of new technology and new formats on the modern office and smart office.


Overcome the difficulties together, the China Stationery Fair is with you.

The 114th China Stationery Fair will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 9 to 11, 2020. The preparations for the exhibition have been advancing in an orderly way. The generosity of exhibitors shows us the social responsibility and sense of responsibility of entrepreneurs. As a well-known cultural goods trading platform in the Asia Pacific region, the China Stationery Fair will provide free online drainage channels for exhibitors, do a good job of publicity for marketing assistance and always maintain a united front with you and overcome difficulties together!

In view of the current pneumonia epidemic, the China Stationery Fair adheres to the principle of being "people-oriented" and closely tracking the development of the epidemic from the practical interests and health and safety of all employees, exhibitors and visitors. It actively communicates with relevant government departments and units in a timely manner to prepare different plans under various circumstances and strictly abides by the latest national requirements. If the exhibition is adjusted due to force majeure, we will report to all partners at the soonest possible time.

At the beginning of 2020, there will be many difficulties and challenges. The China Stationery Fair will try its best to share difficulties with all sectors of the society. We hope that the epidemic will end soon. At the same time, we are full of confidence and look forward to new achievements when spring comes. Thank you for your support and understanding!