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Conquer with one mind. Guangbo Group donate 2.5 million yuan to fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia


There is great love in the world, and enterprises show their responsibility. In recent days, in the face of severe situation of novel coronavirus epidemic, on the afternoon of January 30, Guangbo Group donated 2.5 million yuan for epidemic prevention and control through the charity association of Haishu district. Among them, 500000 yuan was donated to the second hospital of Haishu district to support the first-line medical staff in our district to win the war without gunsmoke.

Guangbo has nearly 5000 employees from all over the country, including about 40 Hubei employees. In recent years, Guangbo group has always paid close attention to the latest situation of the epidemic. This donation is also a modest effort to reflect the social responsibility of the enterprise.

As one of China's top 500 private enterprises, Guangbo group has always kept in mind the social responsibility that should be undertaken as a corporate citizen. In the face of this epidemic, Guangbo people worked together to shoulder the social responsibility with the actual action of donating 2.5 million yuan. At the same time, Guangbo will also take care of the staff and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control! The epidemic has not been completely defeated in one day, and we cannot relax for a moment! All Guangbo people have always believed that the epidemic is merciless and there is love in the world. This battle will win! China will win!


About Guangbo Group

Guangbo Group Stock Co., Ltd. (Guangbo Stock in short) is a modern enterprise, integrating with office stationery, printing paper products, plastic products and export-import trade. Now the company has over 4500 employees (with 6 foreign businessmen), 10 holding subsidiaries( with three chinese and foreign co-partnership companies and two overseas Subsidiaries). Through ten-year development, Guangbo has developed into chinese private enterprise top 500, provincial level sophisticated enterprise, one of the most competitive stationery dealers in China. Guangbo has always been devoting to the brand building and innovative enterprise construction.Through the entitled name of Army Guangbo Stationery Women Basketball, sports marketing, as well as the cultivation of brand engineering and innovation project, the company successively wins chinese famous brand, chinese well-known trademark, the first national paper products statonery dealer in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, china top ten stationery brand. As the chief unit of national volume industry standardization committee, the company recruits the designers and technicians from Hongkong, Korea, Japan, the U.S. these countries. Continuously strengthening sci-tech innovation, the company mainly revises and drafts many national product standards like album, namecard volume industry standard, registration books industry standard, etc. Guangbo has become export brand enterprise of the ministry of commerce. Its products has been exported to over 60 countries and regions in Europe and America, Southeast Asia, etc.


Adopting the idea of people oriented, increment for clients, Guangbo Stock establishes a wide marketing network worldwide, through good quality and strong innovative ability. It establishes the strategic cooperation partnership with world stationery tycoons, Staples, Officemax, etc. Besides, it becomes one of the largest stationery suppliers of transnational retailers like Wal-Mart, Carrefour, etc. Depending on wide national marketing network and brand influence, Guangbo products have entered the supermarkets and wholesale markets in large and medium cities in China.


As the disseminator and professional manufacturer of culture industry, Guangbo is making an effort to become the first brand of chinese nationery field and forerunner of world stationery brand.