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China's stationery industry in the future development prospects are huge.

In recent years, China's stationery office equipment industry is particularly rapid development, product upgrading rapidly, the quality of significantly enhanced, color varieties and foreign basic promotion, the scientific and technological content of products have also greatly improved. Stationery industry, as a rapid rise of the domestic metallurgical industry, in foreign markets play an increasingly important role.
To give a simple example, such as charging Bao computer mouse porcelain pen and other stationery sets in the government's correct guidance and help, at present, many Chinese stationery products enterprises have been in turn the core area to participate in the Chinese cultural goods trade fair, Frankfurt stationery exhibition, Macao stationery exhibition, Shanghai cultural supplies exhibition and other famous industry fairs around the world. And from 2007, many Chinese stationery enterprises more actively "to the world", foreign registered branches, service offices and other institutions. This has prompted China's stationery supplies in all aspects have a rapid development, but also further to the world to show China, the "stationery manufacturing power" strength and advantages.

With the development of economy, the expansion of state investment in education, sports and fitness, people's demand for stationery and office equipment is also increasing, so to build a huge development potential of cultural supplies market, China's cultural supplies market will continue to show rapid development trends in the future. There is no doubt that the future development potential of the stationery industry is enormous.

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