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Finally, we will meet in Shanghai!


Two months ago, on the livestreaming platforms of CSF, we launched a forum of “Stationery · Creativity · Bookstore - Shared Culture, Shared Future”, presenting bookstore industry’s post-epidemic recovery and changes in the operation. We also discussed the business integration of bookstores, stationery, and cultural and creative products.


Finally, we are able to meet face-to-face again in Shanghai!


On the morning of September 17, the first physical forum with the theme of “Stationery · Creativity · Bookstore - Shared Culture, Shared Future” will be held in the K018 forum area of Hall 1.2 of CSF. In the forum, we will have a number of well-known bookstore founders, stationery industry practitioners, and operators of cultural and creative products to discuss the infinite potentials of developing and integrating the industries of bookstores, cultural creativity, and stationery.


About Guests


Chen Xiaoming

Co-founder & Brand Manager of Jihe Bookstore

Chen Xiaoming is a senior business trader, once served as executives of many well-known real estate companies such as Wanda, Greenland, BRC, and led the project of Tangdao 637 to develop a top commercial district in Qinghai province. Chen has a wide range of hobbies and engages himself in many fields. For example, he is a music enthusiast, rock and roll in particular, and a music creator.



Zhao Xiao

Founder of Wuliao Bookstore

Zhao Xiao obtained a master degree from EUROMED MARSEILLE Ecole de Management in France and once worked for HSBC Bank. He founded the Wuliao Bookstore and positioned it as a content-based space with sociality, aiming to make Wuliao rich in content.

Today, Wuliao, as a well-known compound bookstore brand in China, has many stores open in cities like Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu. It was awarded as one of first "Most Beautiful Bookstores" in Zhejiang Province, and was the first cultural space brand to be listed on the excellence project of the cultural industry by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.



Yang Jun

Brand Director of Shenzhen Comix Group

Lecturer of School-Enterprise Cooperation Branding Practice Course, School of Business, Renmin University of China

Yang Jun is responsible for the brand and market management of the A-share listed Shenzhen Comix Group (002301). Yang has nearly 20 years of experience in the office stationery industry. He also has a unique perspective on the construction and marketing of corporate digital brands. In addition, he won the highest honor of branding in China: The Best Contributor of the Year of 2015 China Advertising Great-wall Awards.



Zhou Yuting

Author of Culture and Creativity Map

Zhou Yuting has been engaged in the cultural and creative industry for nearly 30 years. During her 26 years of working experience in Eslite Bookstore, she participated in the establishment and expansion of Eslite, served as a senior executive of business development for years. She was responsible for market development, marketing innovation, new product development, organizational governance, process upgrade, and new store establishment and new business development.

She is now a freelancer of teaching and writing. She understands the growth of cultural and creative industry, and builds cultural platforms with her experience in career planning, exhibition planning, product development and design, marketing and operation.



Ya Qian

Freelance writer

Having been working the bookstore industry for years, Ya Qian compiled the Guide to Independent Bookstores in China, and is the editor-in-chief of the series of Book Insights



Tian Yuan

Author of Beauty of Bookstores

Founder of Jingtianzhi


“Visiting Bookstores” in Shanghai

On the second day of the exhibition, we will continue "Visiting Bookstores" with practitioners in the industry, to see for ourselves Shanghai's bookstores, and feel for ourselves a unique international metropolis with elegance brought by books.



Light Space Xinhua Bookstore

Designed by the international design master Tadao Ando, the Light Space is a breakthrough of the 80-year-old Xinhua Bookstore, adopting innovative technologies such as big data for book selection, fine bookshelf management, and multi-dimensional interaction. It is regarded as a new type of bookstore redefining offline retail and aims to be the benchmark of Xinhua Bookstore and the bookstore with the greatest social influence.



Dayin Cultural Center

A mall-operated bookstore

Dayin Culture Center aims to provide a comfortable environment and quality service for customers to learn deep thoughts. It also promotes excellent culture and new life styles. In this 800 m2 large cultural center, customers can enjoy plays, books, tea, lectures, and art.



Duoyun Bookstore

The bookstore “closest to the sky”

With an area of 2,200 m2, Duoyun Bookstore is divided into 7 functional areas, including reading, art exhibitions, social activities, and cultural and creative products.



Read and Social @THEBUND

Located on the Floor B2 of BFC Artisan Hub, this 1000m2 bookstore has a simple design, in which customer can enjoy an immersive reading experience. Its books cover workplace, finance, art, humanities, and parenting. The bookstore has functional areas of cultural and creative retail, children entertainment, reading salons, etc.



Jihe Bookstore

The first Jihe Bookstore in Shanghai


Agenda of the 114th China Stationery Fair




Cooperation Organization

September 17, 2020


Bookstore Forum of “Stationery · Creativity · Bookstore - Shared Culture, Shared Future”

Hubei Zhihe Space Design Company

Shumeng (a physical bookstore association)


“IP Licensing for a High-quality Stationery Industry”

Licensing Committee of China Toy & Juvenile Product Association

September 18, 2020


Leading Designs in the New Economic Environment"

Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design


Better Ideas, Bigger Markets- Integration of Large Office · Stationery for a Stronger Blue Ocean Market

Comexposium Recycling Times Exhibition Services Limited

Venue: K018, Hall 1.2k, National Exhibition andConvention Center (Shanghai)