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Countdown丨The 114th China Stationery Fair will open on September 17, 2020. Let’s look at the highlights!


Finally! Having be postponed for 3 months due to the epidemic, the 114th China Stationery Fair (CSF) will meet with you on September 17-19, 2020 in Hall 1.2&2.2 of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).

Founded in 1953, the CSF has witnessed the turmoil, change and rapid development of the industry since the reform and opening up. Having been affected by the COVID-19, the 114th CSF experienced postponing, the change of halls, and the launch of livestreaming platforms for industry communication, integrating resources to create unlimited possibilities for the industry. Considering the impact of the epidemic, the 114th CSF will adopt a completely new model of physical exhibition + online exhibition to stimulate new momentum in the industry. The 114th CSF is joined by authoritative organizations like Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design and carries out various themed forums in the new economic context. The 114th CSF has also invited Internet influencers for marketing, which will be a feast for your eyes and an opportunity for you to improve sells!


The 114th CSF is based on mid-to-high-end markets at home and abroad, with keen insights into cutting-edge business opportunities. It will be a glorious event for the industry.


Multi-channels of Interaction Through Livestreaming


To ensure the safety of exhibitors and visitors and provide a satisfying exhibition, this CSF will be switched to Hall 1.2 & 2.2 of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).

In addition, to meet the needs of visitors who cannot be present, the CSF will launch a "Cloud Exhibition", in which two professional livestreaming anchors will present the physical booths to online visitors. Each exhibitor will have 3 minutes to display their products, including domestic brands such as Hero, Zhonghua, Marie’s, Snowwhite, Guangbo, Yidege, Ostrich, cultural and creative brands like Joytop, Sannian Erban, Our Story Begins, and Yizheng Stationery, as well as overseas brands such as Schneider, Online, Lyra, Giotto, Canson, etc. It will provide online audience an opportunity to know their favorite exhibitors and products, and also a platform for each exhibitor to speak out and display, so as to create the two-way interaction between consumers and enterprises.

Besides, there will be exhibitors livestreaming program of “Fun Together” and interview livestreaming of “Leading Enterprises”, and many stationery experts will be present. It will surely be a joyful event for all online visitors.



Wonderful Forums in the Physical Exhibition


In the physical exhibition, 114th CSF will present a fresh look and strengthen its leading position as a convergence platform for office supplies, study supplies, and art supplies, as well as sophisticated machinery and equipment, accessories, covering the entire industrial chain. Office printing equipment and consumables that were developed jointly by the CSF and RemaxWorld will also present.


To facilitate company cooperation, the exhibition will invite more professional visitors to purchase products on site. In addition to conventional buyers, the 114th CSF adds bookstores, steam education, sells and service providers of office supplies. This year, the CSF will further explore the market potential of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Guangdong, with the publicity campaign covering 46 cities in the country. The CSF will invite professional visitors through traditional and new channels across the country for business negotiation.


High-end forums will be set up with industry leaders to explore the development of the industry and share top corporate marketing plans, involving office supply and stationery design, toy and juvenile product licensing, bookstore, and office. The exhibition focuses on the industry frontiers in the post-epidemic economic environment, discusses the new business’s impact on and the changes in the stationery industry, modern office, and smart office, and introduces new channels for the industry, so as to strengthen interaction, and stimulate cross-border business opportunities.


For the first time, the CSF and Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design will hold an office stationery design forum with the theme of “Leading Designs in the New Economic Environment". Professor Zhang Zhan, Chairman of Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design, will join the forum and explore topics of "Design Gravity", "Design Innovation in Corporate Strategic Upgrading", " Breakthrough Ideas of Design", and "Leading Designs in the New Economic Environment" with senior design scholars and experts, corporate leaders, and department heads of brand marketing, product R&D and design.


The bookstore forum hosted by Hubei Zhihe Space Design Company and Shumeng, a physical bookstore association, is also what book practitioners and book enthusiasts should not miss. Under the background that the real economy is hit by the epidemic, how can physical bookstores work together to save themselves and turn the tide have drawn much attention in the industry.


The CSF, based on the stationery industry, focuses on its integration with bookstores. It has invited Lv Cha, a well-known book reviewer, and Ya Qian, the editor-in-chief of Book Insights to share their stories with the bookstore. To support the bookstore forum, the CSF will organize a 40-person activity of “Visiting Bookstores” in Shanghai to bring participants immersive and innovative experience. People can not only visit the popular bookstores in Shanghai, such as Dayin Cultural Center and Read and Social @THEBUND, but also interact with bookstore managers, the best-selling author of the year, and book reviewers closely to share experiences and resources.

Non-stop Development and Unlimited Possibilities


After the epidemic is well contained in China and the economy starts to rebound, every company is trying to regain development. The CSF also continues to track the development and change of the industry, to provide partners with effective publicity solutions. The CSF has never stopped boosting the economic recovery. It has successively created a non-profit publicity campaign to fight against the epidemic, built livestreaming platforms for the industry to exchange and occasionally invited industry leaders to share marketing experience and other solutions, guiding the industry to turn the tide.


Based on the trial, exploration and feedback over the past six months, the CSF has fully realized that successful marketing should be diversified, multi-dimensional, interactive and win-win. Only with sufficient and extensive resources can exhibitors and consumers have more comprehensive one-stop service. In the future, the CSF will continue to expand resources based on conventional marketing channels, supporting companies to create better development possibilities.

To get the CSF tickets, please scan the QR code on the poster, seizing the market opportunity in the golden autumn of 2020! The exhibition requires real-name pre-registration. We look forward to seeing you on September 17-19, 2020 at the Hall1.2 &2.2 in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). The 114th China Stationery Fair is opening arms to you!