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The expo forecast in 2020 | The 114th cultural conference will soon be a blockbuster when it is landing in Shanghai, gathering advantage resources and leading industry boom.


Introduction: according to the statistics of 《 The 12th five-year development plan of student stationary industry 》,currently, market scale of student stationery is around 120 billion yuan and with an annual growth rate of 5%-7% approximately. Referring to a huge number of students in our country, the promotion space of consumption in stationery market may not be underestimated. Facing the domestic stationery market with enormous capacity, the 114th CSF, gathering related industry of stationery which covers 16 big categories of stationery such as student supplies、office supplies、drawing/painting & art supplies、gifts and so on. All groups were put on the exhibition together, producing one-stop purchasing qualified platform vertically, providing the bellwether of industrial development for the stationery practitioner and consumer.

New and old brands keep pace with the times, appreciating a fantastic stationery feast.

As the time goes by, the concept of the stationery keep upgrading on the base of traditional Chinese stationery “the four treasures”, the modern stationery normally refers to various tools which relate to the activity such as office、study, etc. And it is commonly divided to a variety of breakdown categories such as writing instruments、student stationery、office stationery、teaching aid and other office supplies. There are many kinds of stationery products under different subdivisions, which are extremely rich. At present, there are more than 8000 stationery enterprises in our country and many well-known leading industries of them stand out with their historic brands and high quality, possessing extremely high recognition and reputation among the market. For example, the "old brand" and domestic paintings- Marie’s, the emerging new brand Miya and Transon; student office stationery, Heroes, Guangdong Hualong, Guangbo, Qingdao Changlong; in recent years, the stationery brand which is well-known for the creative style named "small and fresh" , Cre8 Direct, Chupin, Treeinart, Class302; the ink category ranked first, Ostriches, Beijing Yidege Ink and so on. The new and old brands of "Made in China" are put on display together, and different styles from different times collide with brilliant sparks, which jointly promote the prosperous development of Chinese stationery industry.

The new exhibition seems like an industrial feast, expanding the effect of resource aggregation.

CSF cultural conference, a trend benchmark in cultural area, attracting the attention of the industry, providing a space for resource convergence, communication and display for these "memory of the times" stationery brands. As a leading trading platform of cultural stationeries in Asia-Pacific region, CSF cultural conference is not only a gathering event for the domestic stationery industry, but also an important entrance for global cultural supplies enterprise entering China. With the support of the Ministry of Commerce, 113 exhibitions have been successfully held since it was first organized. Experiencing more than 60 years accumulation, combining with the huge base of student and the current situation of stationery industry in China, the next cultural exhibition in 2020 will extend the theme of "to succeed in competitions", including students' stationery, schoolbags, cups and pots, gifts, electronic products and other stationeries to promote the upsurge of learning. The 113th CSF cultural exhibition just ended this year was divided to 16 categories for expanding convergence effect of resources within industry, successfully attracting leading stationery enterprises gather at the scene, also inviting delegates of well-known brands such as Guangbo, Comix, Yeading, Tmall and Marie’s paintings to bring new industry information and share useful opinions. The theme forum gives enterprise as well as practitioners assistance to upgrade the cognitive dimension, seek the business breakthrough point and get more initiative to reply the big environmental development trends. In addition, China Brand Licensing Committee also came to the expo, gathering the power of authorized leaders from the domestic to the foreign brand, focusing on new development trends of the authorized industry, giving products more value through joint efforts with IP, and promoting China Stationary Fair to a new height.

On the basis of constant innovation of previous exhibitions, CSF cultural conference will start a new trend in cultural creative industry in 2020, focusing on constructing one-stop purchasing experience zone. Mechanical exhibition area covers all upstream and downstream products of stationery manufacturing, including front end of consumables, equipment and terminal products, satisfying demand of one-stop efficient procurement. It is worth to mention that in the next year’s exhibition, excepting mechanical area, Japanese and Korean brand area as well as printing and consumables area will be built, Student supplies、office supplies and drawing/paintings &art supplies will be centralized displayed at that time.

CSF has been successfully held 113 times since its establishment and every event has become the focus of the whole industry through its extremely prospective planning content and humanized detail design year by year. Especially this year, with unprecedented exhibition scale which has been expended to 50,000 square meters, far exceeding previous years, the large-scale exhibition gave assistance to 952 global exhibitors, 104 international brands competed with each other, and the one-stop promotion service has realized the combination of exhibit and sell, at the same time, two-way interaction. According to the survey data after the exhibition, the overall satisfaction of the audience and exhibitors reached 99.62% and 93.93% respectively at the 113th CSF, which is highly recognized and encouraged for China Stationery Fair. In the interview, the general manager of Harbin Yangguang Mall, who has witnessed the development of China Stationery Fair in the past 20 years, exclaimed: "This exhibition is well organized, the organization committee has made great efforts to attract investment, all the big brands have been stationed, the number of purchasers exceeds previous exhibitions and the delegate feel that this exhibition is particularly grand after visiting."

Looking forward to the new CSF cultural conference in 2020, the scale of the exhibition will also exceed the previous one and expand to the E1-E6 Hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition area is expected to be 69,000 square meters, and the six pavilions will jointly contribute to the industry feast. The international operating service system of exhibition will launch a new one-stop service precisely, covering more than 40 propaganda opportunities, including online and offline channels such as E-communication, social media, regional promotion, directional invitation, aiming at helping exhibitors design overall proposal of the exhibition, enhancing satisfaction of the exhibition and increasing the rate of return on Investment of the exhibition.

For details, please call hotline for consultation, the number is 010-6217 2991. We are looking forward to seeing you in the Shanghai New International Expo Center between June 9 and June 11, 2020.