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New Height, New Challenge; the 113th China Stationery Fair Came to A Successful End and We'll Join Hands to Foster a Brighter Future

The 113th China Stationery Fair (CSF), organized by Comexposium -CSF Shanghai Co., Ltd. and supported by China Commerce Association for General Merchandise, closed successfully in Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 14, 2019. The CSF this year took "Academic Success" as the theme. This 3-day exhibition contained forum sharing, business matching, product display, "Customized Routes" and more, attracting a total of 42,735 professional audiences from different fields and regions around the world. Whether in the scale of the exhibition, the number of exhibitors, the number and quality of professional audience, or the satisfaction of exhibitors and audience, it hit a record high!

High Scale: the numbers reached an unprecedented high                                                                                                

As a leading trade platform for stationery in the Asia-Pacific Region, the CSF, founded in 1953, has been conceived since the planned economy period. Over the past 60 years, the CSF has witnessed the process of China's economic development from planning to reform and opening-up, from domestic sales to foreign trade, and accumulated a lot of experience and rich resources in holding exhibitions. This year's exhibition scale was unprecedented, adding an OE10 brand pavilion. The exhibition area was expanded to 50,000 square meters based on the 46,000 square meters in 2018, far exceeding previous years. From 2014 to 2019, the scale of the exhibition has increased by 7% on average annually. The 5 pavilions (E1-E4&OE10) boosted 952 exhibitors, including 104 international brands, to attend the fair which provided opportunities for them to communicate, watch and learn from each other. In response to the needs of market development, CSF 2019 covered 16 categories of the industry, including products and services of the whole industrial chain of cultural consumption. Exhibitors competed, using their unique strategies and measures, to create a one-stop purchasing experience zone, with the combination of exhibitions and sales and mutual interaction achieving a remarkable effect.

High Quality: the industrial giants gathered at theme forums to discuss development paths                                       

The forums of CSF 2019 were also held as scheduled. The most-known brands such as Comix, Tmall, Guangbo, Truecolor, Yeading, and the Specialized Committee on China Toy Association Brand Licensing gathered at the theme forums, indtroduced new trends in the industry, shared some useful information, helped enterprises and practitioners to expand their cognitive horizons and found a winning strategy for business, so as to be more active in integrating into the environment.

Among them, Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co., Ltd., which has a huge number of online consumers, analyzed the stationery market from the perspective of big data, discussed the future development of the stationery retail industry in the Internet era and the possibility of a C2M model in stationery industry at the conference. CSF and the Specialized Committee on China Toy Association Brand Licensing jointly shared the successful cases of well known brand building for the stationery enterprises participating in the exhibition, and passed on the knowledge of how to maintain, authorize procurement and redevelop the industry. Comix Group and Shanghai Yeading Brands Management and Consulting Co., Ltd. shared the theme on how to grasp the development dividend of the stationery industry, exploit its advantages to the full, improve itself and promote brand building under the new consumption background. More than 200 key people in the industry gathered together to discuss the new chapter of the future of stationery industry. The frequent interactions in the meeting made the participants feel that they had benefited a lot from it.

Picture: Forum Site of the 113th CSF

Highly Interactive: colorful concurrent events and strong on-site interactions                                                       

The theme of CSF 2019 is "Academic Success", which is considered one of the happiest events in traditional Chinese culture. Products showed at this exhibition include students' stationery, schoolbags, cups and pots, gifts, electronic products and other stationery to help students study. In addition, four creative thematic customizations of "school supplies", "paper and paper products", "drawing/painting or art supplies" and "office supplies" were also well received, and the audience members could be seen everywhere. "They provide targeted services while we also receive gifts along the way, which adds a lot of fun to the show," one visitor said. Business matching has also been fully launched in this year's exhibition. CSF, which gathers cutting-edge information and excellent industrial chain resources, undoubtedly integrates industry resources and builds an interactive bridge between exhibitors and buyers to promote their cooperation. Many buyers had already selected the products they are interested in by using the matching service system before the exhibition. During the exhibition, they then have a clear purpose and go straight to their desired exhibitors, speeding up the process of cooperation.

Picture: the Activity Site of "Customized Routes"

Highly Praised: we will walk hand in hand towards the future                                                                                       

According to the survey data, the overall satisfaction of the audience regarding the 113th CSF is as high as 99.62%, and that of exhibitors is 93.93%, which is great recognition of the 113th CSF. Du Kailin, China Business Director of Kunshan Hopax Paper Products Co., Ltd., said in an interview: "We have participated in this exhibition since 2004, which is very useful for us not only because we can have access to a lot of manufacturers and customers from all over the world, but we can also find some new partners in the society that has great appreciation for win-win cooperation". Shanghai Hero (Group) Stationery Sales Co., Ltd., which has been growing up along with CSF, also came to the fair this year as an exhibitor. Wang Baohe, chairman of the board, said: "from the first to the 113th CSF, Hero participated in the whole process. CSF 2019 is even more popular, and all the exhibitors are taking on a new look. The booth of each exhibitor keeps pace with the times in terms of size, design and concept. The whole exhibition gives people a new experience.”

High Peak: we together with you jointly create brilliance in 2020                                                                                 

2019 represents a new height for CSF. From June 9 to 11, 2020, the 114th CSF will return to E1-E6 of Shanghai New International Expo Center to continue to contribute to the innovation and development of the industry. We look forward to meeting with you again in the same place next year.