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Showing You What the Forums of CSF 2019 Talked About in 2 Minutes


The forum is one of the most important highlights in the exhibition.

Industrial leaders focus on hot topics in the stationery industry.

Share the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Promote the exchange and sharing of experiences and ideas.

CSF 2019

Has invited

Yeading, Comix, Hengda,

Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co., Ltd. and other famous enterprises

to explore the future of the stationery industry.

Want to know more about stationery?

Looking for a winning strategy for business?

Follow us to look back to the highlights of the exhibition.


Foresee the future: explore the next generation of creative stationery stores

Picture:Ding Guoji - The founder of Yeading

On the morning of June 12, the forum of 113th CSF was held in Conference Room M26, Hall E4, of Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. The first keynote speech was delivered by Ding Guoji, the founder of Shanghai Yeading Brand Management and Consulting Co., Ltd. The theme was “Foresee the future: explore the next generation of creative stationery stores”. More than 100 domestic and foreign industrial decision makers were invited to share the latest trends and most cutting-edge information on the industry, and to explore the changes and influences from the development trend of creative stationery stores that they all should pay attention to.

DING Guoji

The founder of Yeading

Against the backdrop of unpopular industry conferences and increasingly picky audience, Ding Guoji’s speech still attracted many people, and the ballroom which can only hold up to 100 people was crowded. In his speech, he analyzed the development trends of creative stationery stores, and deeply interpreted and shared the project consultation, planning and case studies for design.


IP Authorized Ecosphere & Stationery Summit Forum

In the afternoon, the stationery summit forum based on the IP Authorized Ecosphere Empowerment Plan sponsored by the Specialized Committee on China Toy Association Brand Licensing was held, further promoting the development of IP Empowerment for the Stationery Industry and attracting nearly 100 audience members.

During the forum, Li Ling, the marketing director of China Toys & Juvenile Products Association, interpreted the China Licensing Industry Report 2019, and explained in detail the IP image of many well-known brands and successful cooperation cases at home and abroad.

Picture:Li Ling -the marketing director of China Toys & Juvenile Products Association

According to the data, the annual retail sales of authorized commodities in China reached 85.6 billion Yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of 14.6%. Stationery accounts for 5% of the authorized industries. In recent years, more and more stationery enterprises improve their brand value through IP licensing, and the connection between the stationery industry and IP licensing is getting closer and closer.


The Director of Greater China of Hasbro Consumer Goods Department

Qian Jing said that brand authorization can bring value to the ordinary products. IP injects fresh energy into traditional products, and authorized products can cover the common consumers of both brands at the same time.


The General Manager of Product Center of Truecolor Stationery Co., Ltd.

Chen Chen believed that stationery is an important authorized derivative of IP, and the consumers of stationery cover the audience of IP. IP culture implanted in the stationery products can form stationery with stories; meanwhile, the authorized products under the combination of stationery and IP brought more happy experiences. Subsequently, Chen also shared the case of successful cooperation between Truecolor and Wanda Kids.

LIN Xiaofan

The Deputy General Manager of Guangbo Group Stock Co., Ltd.

Lin Xiaofan pointed out the pain points and difficulties of the combination of the stationery industry and IP licensing at present. It is difficult to attract the attention of the post-1995s and post-2000s generation who are called “Digital Natives”, so the cost of soliciting customers is higher and higher. If conventional products do not want to be caught into a price war, they must have added value to trigger the purchase. All brands have their own story, but most of them are not touching, which means it has little effect on promoting sales. Faced with these problems, Lin pointed out that only through flexible and rapid change, strong design ability, and constantly exploring the potential IP that young people like, can we constantly make the brand "refreshed ", let the frequent users of the brands get a sense of pride, and let the new users become communicators of the brands.


Brand Story

On the second day of the exhibition, the forum continued to be in full swing. In addition to sharing its brand history, Caarany has 22 years of original design experience, and their products have won many national patents in invention, utility model and industrial design. At the forum, Caarany showed us a kind of all-in-one schoolbag with strong functionality, which can be fully unfolded with only a zipper and is easy to gather and clean in order to reduce students' burden.

Marie's, founded in 1995, is 100 years old this year. Zheng Yao shared the story of Marie's with us at the site. She described the origins, developments and products of Marie's and the plan for Marie's future in detail followed with “Time is the true test for all art and using Marie's you all could be the artists that cheerfully pass this test".


The Deputy General Manager and senior engineer 

of Shanghai SIIC Marie's Painting Materials Co., Ltd.

She has been engaged in technology research and development for a long time, and has a wealth of product experience. She also shared "The Story of Marie's" in the conference, which included the history and glory of Marie's for a century. She said that the portrait of Chairman Mao hanging on Tiananmen Gate was painted with oil paints of Marie's.

On the 70th anniversary of the National Day celebration this year, many

of the leaders' portraits were also drawn by using the oil paints of Marie's. Her words were filled with pride.


The Building and Upgrading of Stationery Brands

On the afternoon of the 13th, Mr. Yang Jun, the Brand Director of Comix (Group) Co., Ltd., an industry giant, analyzed the current situation in which there are fewer customers in department stores, while IKEA is crowded with people, and explored the differences between traditional retail and new retail, searching for new markets through the analysis of successful retail business models with the theme of “Comix--Visible Changes”. Against the background of this new consumption model, he explained how the stationery industry should give full play to its advantages and how to improve itself and promote brand building. Finally, he shared with us the upgraded changes made in terminal stores, marketing methods, IP product creativity and promotion under the environment of consumption upgrading, so that the shopping experience is made more valuable and the office more comfortable.

Picture : Yang Jun

Yang Jun

The Brand Director of Comix (Group) Stock Co., Ltd.

Head of the Marketing Department of private brands of Comix

Lecturer of Brand Practice Course, Business School, of Renmin University of China

Winner of the best contributor award by the Great Wall Awards which is the Oscar of Chinese brands.

He has been working in retail and branding for nearly 20 years and he has served as chain store manager, store management manager, marketing director and other positions. He is an expert in practice and theory.

Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co., Ltd., which has a huge number of online consumers, analyzed the stationery market from the perspective of big data and discussed the possibility of C2M models in the stationery industry at the conference with participants, extending the breadth and depth of the stationery industry relying on the Internet.

At the meeting, Tmall made a comprehensive analysis of the stationery industry from the overall environment, consumers and business perspectives and emphasized that innovation is the first driving force to meet consumer demand. Doing your best is innovation.