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Hero Group- top ten enterprises in the pen circle of light industry in China



Shanghai Hero (Group) Co., Ltd. is one of the well-known enterprise groups engaged in production and operation of stationary. As a state-owned and time-honored brand enterprise, it is one of the top ten enterprises in the pen circle of light industry in China. 

It owns 10 stationary manufacturing and trading companies including Shanghai Hero Fountain Pen Factory Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Fine Stationery Co., Ltd.  Among them, Shanghai Hero Fountain Pen

Factory Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Fine Stationery Co., Ltd. are the birthplaces of fountain pens and chemical ink industry in China.

Hero Group has more than 100 trademarks including Hero, Boshi, Great Wall and Aiyi.

After years of unremitting efforts made by the people of the Hero Group, the “Hero” fountain pen has become a famous brand in China, and the “Hero” trademark has become a well-known trademark in China; both the “Hero” fountain pen and “Hero” ink are all famous-brand products in Shanghai, and the Hero trademark has also become a well-known trademark in Shanghai.

[The Hero brand won the title of “China Top Brand” in 2007; while the “Hero” trademark won the honor of “China Top Trade” in 1995]


witness to Hero's history

The Hero ink is now produced by Shanghai Fine Stationery Co., Ltd. Its predecessor was the Minsheng Factory, founded in 1925, and was renamed as Shanghai Ink Factory after the liberation, with a history of 93 years.

Event 1

Its main products include the Hero writing ink and the Great Wall adhesive, which are exported to more than 30 countries and regions. The Hero writing ink tops the domestic market when it comes to production and sales; the Great Wall adhesive is well known across the country as a designated supportingproduct for Shenzhou VII spacecraft and launch vehicle.

Event 2

The Hero fountain pen was produced by Huafu Fountain Pen Factory in 1931, with 87 years of pen manufacturing history. It has powerful technical strength, and products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions, with a high reputation both in the domestic and foreign markets. Beyond being favored by consumers, it also serves as a gift for party and state leaders when visiting other countries, the pen for signing important documents at important historical moments, as well as a designated commemorative pen for people’s congress at national and local level and CPPCC meetings.

Event 3-4

The Hero fountain pen comes along with the growth of a generation, as well as a witness

to an increasing powerful China: On December 19, 1984, under the gaze of leaders such including Deng Xiaoping and Margaret Thatcher, the Hero fountain pen completed the mission of signing the Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong, paving the way for the successful implementation of the “one country, two system” policy;

Then, on April 13,1987, the Hero fountain pen finished the mission of signing Sino-Portuguese Joint Declaration on the Question of Macao.

Event 5-6

The statement of the summit meeting of the five countries including China and Russia on June 26, 1996 and the statement of the six-nation summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on June 15, 2001 and inked by the Hero pen by leaders from all countries.

Event 7

When the countdown of Hong Kong returning to China on July 1, 1997 begins, the Hero”

Group launched 1997 sets of commemorative pens for the return of Hong Kong to China. At the celebration wine party by various circles in Hong Kong, the company presented the Chief Executive Tung Chee -hwa with the commemorative pen of No.1997.

Event 8-9                                         

In the October of 2001, during the APEC meeting held in Shanghai, US President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin signed their names with the “Hero” pen;

In 2010, the Hero Fountain Pen Factory became a franchise production enterprise for Shanghai

World Expo. World Expo Memorial Products produced by the Hero Group won the Global Chinese Design Award and Quality Award regarding 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Event 10

From March 1st to May 31st, 2017, the world tour of World History in 100 Historical Relics in British Museums was exhibited at the National Museum of China in Beijing. A total of 101 exhibits (sets) were displayed at the exhibition. On top of the 100 pieces (sets) of exhibits provided by the British Museum, the British side invited the Chinese side to provide a cultural relic that has affected the history of mankind to join in the exhibition. After collection from various parties, the 101st cultural relics provided by the National Museum of China are: the gavel and the signing pen when announcing China’s return to the World Trade Organization. This signature pen is exactly the fountain pen customized by Shanghai Hero Fountain Pen Factory for the WTO. The “Dianluo” process is adopted. Made of conch shells, the pen is very beautiful with ethnic characteristics. It is both simple and dynamic, reflecting the brand characteristics featuring solemn and grand style. On November 11th, 2001, at the Majali Hall of the Sheraton Doha Hotel in Qatar, along with Shi Guangsheng, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation solemnly using the Hero pen to sigh his name on the last page of the Protocol of the Accession of the People’s Republic of China to the WTO,  the conference hall was filled with warm applause for a long period of time. This is the end of a long march, as well as a starting point for a new journey full of opportunities and challenges. It marks that China has officially entered the stage of economic globalization and entered a new stage of reform and opening up.

The development of the company lies in going with history. Uphold the concept of reform and innovation, we constantly improve our core competitiveness to constantly make new progress. The Hero Group have focused on product, marketing and management when it comes to innovation over the years.

In terms of product innovation, in the autumn of 2014, at the 22nd Informal Leadership Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) held beside the Yanxi Lake, Huairou District in Beijing, the Hero once again customized the signature fountain pen for the leaders from all the countries, which is an opportunity for the product. Through this customization, we summed up the core technology of the Hero brand and the new development process of high-end products, and Hero brand started the period of rapid growth. The Hero brand also serves the G20 summit; it is a designated pen for the cross-strait entrepreneurs summit; it is used by leaders and guests at the summit forum of Belt and Road Initiative held beside the Yanxi Lake, Huairou District in Beijing.

A witness to history

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Cross-border integration

Driven by structural reforms on the supply side, the Hero brand launched a new attempt to cross-border cooperation with the natural and artificial gemstone division of Swarovski, an international fashion. The integration of fashion elements and traditional writing tools not only

improves the design concept, but also enhances the quality and added value of the products, allowing the writing tools in the traditional sense to transform towards fashion gifts, realizing industrial transformation and structural reform on supply-side. And the Hero HS200 FANCY COLLECTION product [15] designed by this cooperation, targeting young consumers, has received wide attention and praise from the society. In just half a year, it won the Gold Prize of Dalian Light Industry Expo, the Classic Innovation Product Award of China Time-honored Brand Competition and the Excellent Industrial Design Award of Shanghai International Fashion Consumer Goods Expo.

Courteous reception by Shanghai

It collaborated with the well-known silk scarf WENSLI Group in China to create the gift series of

“Courteous reception by Shanghai”, bringing changes to the traditional and solemn style of the Hero and better served young and fashionable consumers.

The latest Hero D01 smart iridium-point electronic pen is integrated with smart electronics to define the concept and scope of writing in a new manner. It won the 2017 CIDIResearch Institute Silver Award at the China International Industry Fair.

When it comes to marketing innovation, the Hero brand expands the channel and

cooperates with the major e-commerce platforms. The sales network extends from

offline to online. The e-commerce business hasgrown at a rate of 50% per year since 2015. In terms of offline selling, we have been working together with the China Stationery Fair for more than 60 years.

When it comes management innovation, we mainly break the traditional thinking of state-owned enterprises, focus on forming a management mechanism that adapts to the market, and improve the operational efficiency of state-owned enterprises.

In recent years, the Hero has achieved double-digit growth for two consecutive years despite the pressure of economic downturn.

Over the decades, the Hero Group has insisted on implementing the “quality management system”, participated in drafting and revising of the nationalstandard of the Fountain Pen and Nib, and completed the formulation of the Shanghai quality standard of Fountain Pen and Nib in 2018.

“Writing the new era by the Hero” is the slogan of Shanghai Hero (Group) Co., Ltd. The vision of the group is “doing the best for customersand the enterprise”, to make Hero become the leading “ well-known brand” in the field of stationery in China, the hero product become the “well-known products”  representing “Made in China”, and the Hero Group become a “well-known enterprise” that makes contributions to society.


after the 19th National Congress, the new positioning of “the public’s hero,

the boutique hero, and the smart hero" was launched. To practice the

enterprise spirit of “innovation, first-class, integrity, harmony”, through the

innovation regarding products, technology, marketing and management, and

achieve the heroic dream of a century-old enterprise and brand.