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Schneider - "Century Brand in Germany" and a world-famous “Made in Germany” models



Writing history

In 1938, Schneider was founded in the Black Forest region of Germany; In 1947, it produced first ballpoint pen, and the new writing tool quickly became popular in Europe and even the world.


began to design and develop writing tools, printing machines, and printings, etc. since the 1960s, and keep improving the production technology associated with it. Quality products produced by Schneider won a good reputation in Germany as early as 50 years ago, and have been presented with many international design awards.


Adheresto Quality

Schneider’s insistence quality writing tools is manifested in the product: the R&D product is conducted in Germany only, and it is produced under the strictest quality system and the most demanding environment to ensure output of quality products. 

This is not only an insistence on product quality, but also an attitude towards writing tools and social responsibility.


Green and environmental-friendly

In addition to its own unique requirements for the quality of the products, Schneider also cares and protects the environment throughout the design and production process: from design to finished products, only high-grade resin that can be recycled and degradable is selected, while PVC and colouring agent are abandoned completely. Furthermore, Schneider also used carbon emissions to track the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during production and transportation processes, and in 1998 it became the first writing tool company passing the EU EMAS certification.


Forge ahead

In 2016, Schneider was awarded prestigious “Century Brand in Germany”, and was selected in the List of Century Brand in Germany. It has become part of the a world-famous “Made in Germany” models, together with more than 250 top brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Adidas, Bosch and Siemens.

Nowadays, Schneider’s writing tools have been sold all over the world, with product lines covering pens, ballpoint pens and drawing pens. Targeting the global market, Schneider keeps moving forward by adhering to the passion for product research and development, the pursuit of high quality and

technological innovation, and the belief in quality products.