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"CSF—RemaxWorld” office equipment and consumables exhibition will be presented in the 114th CSF cultural conference


In September of this year, the strategic cooperation plan between China Stationery Fair (hereinafter referred to as “CSF”)and China (zhuhai) RemaxWorld Expo ( referred to as “RemaxWorld Expo”) has been officially launched and is going to build “CSF-RemaxWorld” office equipment and consumables exhibition jointly during the 114th CSF cultural conference in Shanghai from June 9 to 11, 2020, creating the grand public business platform.

The CSF cultural conference which will open in Shanghai New International Expo Center in June next year, is expected to welcome more than 1,000 exhibitors and 45,000professional audience at home and abroad. The exhibition will last for three days, and a new crossover “CSF-RemaxWorld” office equipment and consumables exhibition will be opened in the 69,000 square meters exhibition hall, including stationery、office supplies、student supplies boutique museum, painting materials boutique museum and comprehensive museum.

Since its establishment in 1953, CSF cultural conference has successfully held 113 sessions during 60 years and played a leading role in cultural stationary trade platform in the Asia Pacific region. The RemaxWorld Expo has successfully held 12 sessions since it come out in Zhuhai- the world printing consumables capital. Relying on the industrial geographical advantages of Zhuhai and the influence of global media channels and overseas exhibitions from sponsor. Recycler Publishing & Events Ltd. , RemaxWorld Expo has developed rapidly and become a world-renowned leading exhibition in the global office equipment and consumables industry. In addition to the ink cartridge, toner cartridge, chip, OPC drum, toner, ink and other printing consumables and accessories, the RemaxWorld has comprehensively upgraded this year, and more than 20 domestic original printer manufacturers have entered the exhibition, bringing various printers and copiers, such as laser, ink-jet, needle, label, engineering blueprint, UV flat, 3D printing, thermal, thermal transfer printing to the audience at home and abroad, lay out the whole industrial chain ecosystem of office equipment and consumables in China.

The "cross-border cooperation" between CSF and RemaxWorld is actually the combination of office equipment consumables and stationery industry in the large office industry. The concept of cross-border is gaining momentum in the domestic market in 2019, before it with more than 10,000 domestic OYO hotels entering the coffee industry, and after it with Sinopec Group announcing the launch of "Easy Coffee" in more than 27,000 of its Easy Joy backed by gas stations. All of these are to increase product categories, supplement existing businesses and fully dig in customer potential in mature channels, which is inevitable trend to explore business opportunities in depth.

China office stationery market has a broad space and has formed a complete system currently, with a total of 8 million B2B customers, covering all kinds of enterprises and government departments. With the rapid development of office stationery market, there will be more opportunities and development potential with the continuous expansion of demand. Office equipment and printing consumables, as an essential part of the daily procurement of the enterprise, have a natural relationship with the stationery industry, setting up the platform of office equipment and printing consumables and stationery will bring more business possibilities to the industry people of both sides.

"CSF-RemaxWorld" office equipment and consumables exhibition stand is now fully open for sale.

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