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Summary | Applaud for the “Made in China” Products in the 113th CSF


Recently a movie made by the French

called Made in China has been released in many cinemas,

which tried to fight against the stereotype towards products made in China

in the form of comedy;

Entertainment star Yi Yangqianxi (Jackson) with other dancers,

performed a funny street dance also with the name Made in China

That ignited the passion among the audience.

When it comes to the ubiquitous Chinese products,

Do you still consider them as lame, ugly and low-quality?


 Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge 

On October 24th of 2018, the longest cross-sea bridge in the world was officially open to traffic. Over 1,000 patents were developed during the process of construction. It has the longest span, the longest steel structure bridge body, the longest undersea immersed tunnel, the most complicated road construction technologies, the largest scale, the highest construction difficulty and the most beautiful man-made islands.

And this fabulous bridge, unparalleled by any other in the world, is made in China!


 Huawei Mate X 

Huawei rolled out its foldable 5G phone, the Mate X on February 25th, 2019, which is a 6.6-inch display phone when folded and a full-function tablet when unfolded. It prevails over the products made by Apple and Samsung because it achieved the “phone-pad”combination from zero to one...

Huawei, such a well-known phone brand liked by people all over the world, is made in China!


“Made in China” is awesome 

From things as large as high speed trains, subways and bridges,

To those as small as dolls and toy cars,

The rise of Chinese products was frustrating but valorous

Stationery products, of course, are also part of the rise.

So today we are here to look at some of the Chinese products in the 113th CSF that we are proud of↓


Writing Instruments

Today, many children do their homework with electronic devices and submit the electronic version. They use Wechat to socialize and contact others. The ritual of writing seems to have diminished a lot. In the childhood of the post-70s and post-80s, owning a pen that belongs to you was like owning the whole world.


Speaking of the Chinese stationery products that have the best quality,

The Hero pens once wanted by everyone must be mentioned.

They have been used to write many love oaths, as well as pinned on the chest pocket to show the identity of an intellectual. They are the Hero Gold Pen, which were first made in 1931 by the Wolff Pen Co. based in Shanghai. With a history of 88 years in making pens, the company's pens are not only welcomed by customers but also given as presents when the Party and National leaders pay formal visits to other countries. The pens have also been used to sign the important documents during the historic moments of China. Other than that, they have been the designated pens for the national and local people's congresses and the political consultative conferences. Among those pens the Hero 100 14K Gold Pen is the most classic for its highest sale in about half a century.

Despite its old age, Hero is trying to win the hearts of the young through innovation and craftsmanship by developing and making breakthroughs. It has rolled out some mind-blowing ideas recently, for example, it cooperated with the hot film The Wandering Earth to push out its customized pens and launched its drinkable “ink” with the beverage company RIO, which will be on exhibition this time, displaying Hero's cross-border innovation.


Dedicated to high-quality stationery products, KACO is the first Chinese pen making company crowned with the three design awards of the world, including the Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award of Germany and G-mark Award in Japan. KACO aims to develop products for office supplies, business gifts and customization for companies.

KACO has developed into the prominent original design brand in China, leading the trend of writing.


School Supplies

School supplies made in China used to be ugly,

dull and painted in plain colors.

If you still think they are,

the following products are going to blow your minds.


Snowhite is a stationery brand that has accompanied many of us through their childhoods for its high cost performance.

The new product is a fast-dry roller tip pen with a 0.5mm fine point. There are seven colours to choose from. The pen has a large ink storage volume and an adjustment system at the front that the ink can be temporarily stored in so that the flow of the ink can be steady and under good control. The fast-dry ink allows the written contents to dry as soon as they are on the paper so that it never gets dirty. The pen can be used for multiple purposes, for instance, to take notes and draw graffiti with seven colours to display your artful mind.

 Qingdao Best Point 

It was the 8th time for Qingdao Best Point Stationery Co., Ltd. to attend the CSF, which has become a great platform to promote its new products. The company is dedicated to technological and design innovation as its core competitiveness. The president of it, when interviewed by Shanghai Television Station, said the stationery fair has been the propeller in promoting the brands that used to be export-oriented in the domestic markets so that Qingdao Best Point Stationery Co., Ltd. has grown from obscurity into a well-known brand.

Qingdao Best Point Stationery Co., Ltd. has integrated a professional design team and a technician team with cross-industry members from Japan, South Korea, North America and China to ensure that its products will always be on the cutting edge — colourful in every stroke, a pioneer in every trend.


There are other Chinese brands that make high-quality products.

For example, 3028, even its name gives people an impression of an art style.

It might look young but it is a brand that is about 10 years old. 3028 adds details into the small objects so that customers can relish the happiness of life in those little quaint products they sell. At the CSF this year, 3028 launched its brand new IP series — cartoon themed and rare Chinese character notebook series.


Drawing/Painting & Art Supplies


Marie's is a century-old brand known to many consumers and dealers. Paint is Marie's core product. The portrait of Chairman Mao on Tiananmen Gate was painted with oil paints of Marie's. On the 70th anniversary of the National Day celebration this year, many of the leaders' portraits were also drawn with the oil paints of Marie's.

As a leading enterprise in China, Marie's not only has color paints, but also focuses on the development of some other painting products in recent years, which has made great profits. Among them, the sales of sketch pencils reached 100 million Yuan in 2018. At this year's exhibition site, Marie's took advantage of the opportunity to launch several painting products for children and some auxiliary supplies for painting, including alcohol-based marker pens. On this basis, it independently developed acrylic marker pens to realize the transformation from children's painting materials to professional painting materials.


TRANSON has been aspiring to be the national trendy brand for drawing/painting and art supplies. At this year's CSF, it brought us abundant drawing/painting and art supplies and amazed art fans that came to the exhibition.


Founded in Taiwan Province in 1956, Simbalion is a well-known brand for drawing/painting and art supplies, which is dedicated to the development, production and sales of its products. Simbalion has always played a leading role in the field of stationery and art supplies in Taiwan. In the hearts of practitioners in the art industry, Simbalion has always had its place.


The series of cultural products of MIYA belong to Hangzhou Puqing Culture Creative Co., Ltd, which is committed to research, development, production, sales, and promotion of paints, paint box, drawing board, drawing paper, pens and other drawing/painting and art supplies. MIYA is a nationally renowned brand for drawing/painting and art supplies whose booth design at the CSF also fully displayed its unique sense of beauty and fashion.

At the exhibition, MIYA's new little bird series and jelly paints with warm colors and fresh style were all eye-catching.


Office Supplies


Guangbo is a well-known large-scale stationery brand in China. It has more than 30 domestic marketing branches and two major production bases in Zhejiang and Jiangsu respectively. It has won the honor of “Top 10 Stationery Brands in China", "Top 500 Private Enterprises in China" and “National Printing Model Enterprises”.


Guangdong Hualong is a large-scale professional office supplies manufacturer integrating technology, industry, and trade as well as processing services. The company enjoys a strong reputation for its quality and integrity and has won the honors of "Best-selling Stationery Brands in China" and "Top 10 Brands of Office Supplies Industry in China". Although it is a domestic brand, the quality of its products is as good as those made in European countries.

 Ningbo Syloon 

"Always lead, never follow" is the motto of Syloon that seeks a balance between classic and avant-garde designs. In the circle of life aesthetics, Syloon has always been a connoisseur who breaks the rules and is also a master who leads trends. Design is no longer a kind of formalism. Inspiration comes from people's daily work and life, and will eventually be merged into life.


Cultural and Creative Products

 Tree In Art 

Hangzhou Tree In Art Stationery & Gift Co., Ltd. is committed to the original design of creative stationery and fashion gifts. In addition to the creative exhibits, even the booth design is full of artistic features.

 Our Story Begins 

“Our Story Begins” is a stationery company which makes creativity, innovation and unique design its core competence, focusing on the stationery and daily supplies of the people born in the post-80s, 90s and 00s. It is a brand that believes stationery can touch people's life. It focuses on the research, development and production of paper products, and has a strong production capacity. It independently designs and produces a variety of distinctive and high-quality stationeries.

Domestic stationery brands are trying to evolve.

China is getting better and better and is praised by the people around the world.

How can we live in bliss without knowing this?

Let's applaud the “Made in China” products!