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On-site: the 113th China Stationery Fair Came to A Successful End


From the opening ceremony of the first day to the successful end today, the 113th CSF brought us unlimited surprise and gains, and we are looking forward to next year's exhibition!

Today is the last day of the 113th CSF. Today's atmosphere is as passionate as the sun in the sky. The activities in the exhibition continue, attracting many new and regular buyers!

A Glimpse of the exhibition

A brilliant day with passionate audience

At the opening time in the morning, a great number of visitors from various countries, provinces and cities gathered at the exhibition booths even though it is the last day.

A wide variety of products

The 950 exhibitors have showed their miscellaneous and high-quality commodities, attracting visitors to interact with each other continuously with strong mutual understanding.

Exhibitors with their unique talents

The exhibitors have made great efforts in the areas of "creativity" and "experience". In addition to their high-quality products, they have also carried out many on-site events. The audience was very enthusiastic and excited.

Exciting activitie Continuous

Today, the “customized routes” whose theme is “Academic Success” and “business matching” and facilitates buyers in selecting their desired products and brands attracted many new audience members.

The exhibition came to a successful end

At 15:00 on June 14, 2019, the 113th China Stationery Fair came to a successful end. Thanks for all your support and recognition. We will continue to make great efforts to make the 114th CSF bigger, better, stronger and more satisfying! Dear friends, see you next year!