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On-site: Half of the Exhibition Has Passed, and the On-site Atmosphere was Great and Not Be Missed


Half of the Exhibition Has Passed, 
and the On-site Atmosphere was Great and Not Be Missed

After the splendid opening of the first day of the 113th CSF yesterday, our exhibition entered the second day. Today, the atmosphere is still hot. The exhibition site is full of surprises. Exhibitors and the audience actively interact and communicate in depth.

A Glimpse of the exhibition

The atmosphere of exhibition and enthusiasm of the audience keeps increasing

Today in Shanghai the temperature is comfortable. Compared to yesterday, the enthusiasm of the audience has increased. The booths are crowded with businessmen. The 950 exhibitors have displayed their products and attracted many customers.

At the beginning of the exhibition, we received the professional buyer teams of Shanxi Stationery Industry Association, Guangzhou Yiyuan Office Supplies & Art Supplies Trading Center, Shandong Shimantang, Hebei Shijiazhuang and other provincial and municipal associations and commercial organizations, as well as professional buyers from various countries and provinces.

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Industrial pioneers gathering, sharing the experience of stationery industry

Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co., Ltd., which has a huge number of online consumers, analyzed the stationery market from the perspective of big data and discussed the possibility of C2M models in the stationery industry with participants at the conference, extending the breadth and depth of the stationery industry’s relyiance on the Internet. Comix Group and Shanghai Yeading Brands Management and Consulting Co., Ltd. shared the theme on how to grasp the development dividend of the stationery industry, exploit its advantages to the full, and improve and promote brand building against the new consumption background. Marie’s and Caarany helped enterprises and practitioners upgrade their cognitive horizons and found a way to develop from their own starting points, to be more active in integrating into the environment.

Exciting and Various Activities

Today, the “Customized Routes” whose theme is “Academic Success” and “business matching” which is in order to facilitate buyers to select desired products and brand according to demand are in full swing. The number of visitors was increasing. The visitors came to an endless stream, but the interaction was orderly.

Dear friends, tomorrow is the last day of our 113th CSF. If you are interested, please do not miss it. Tomorrow we'll be waiting for you in the E1-E4& OE10 Hall of Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. See you then!