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On-site: The Grand Opening of 113th China Stationery Fair and the Gathering of Best-selling Brands at Home and Abroad

On June 12, 2019, the 113th China Stationery Fair (“CSF 2019” for short), organized by Comexposium-CSF (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. with the support from China Commerce Association for General Merchandise, was launched at the Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. The “CSF 2019” will take "Academic Success" as the theme and attracts a great number of key industry gurus and decision makers. The scale of exhibition and the number of exhibitors was unprecedented. Hero, Marie's, Guangbo, Comix, Parker, Snowhite, Simbalion and other stationery companies attended the fair. Furthermore, Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co., Ltd., Truecolor, Guangbo, Comix, Yeading, Hengda, Caarany and other famous companies attended a meeting to discuss a winning strategy for business. “Sign up gifts”,“route recommendation” and other interactive activities were also very eye-catching. It was reported that on the first day of the fair, the number of people who attended the fair was more than 12,000, showing the great popularity of it.

The scale of the exhibition was enlarged and the number of visitors reached a record high level

In June, the enthusiasm of exhibitors and visitors who participated in the 113th CSF was even hotter than the scorching heat. More than 100 international brands and nearly a thousand exhibitors from more than ten countries gathered here to show their unique products to the visitors. As an important channel for international stationery companies entering the Chinese market, CSF has a 66 year history. The experience of holding more than a hundred successful exhibitions has provided many enterprises with opportunities to observe, communicate and learn from each other. CSF, which gathers up-to-date information and excellent industrial chain resources, undoubtedly points out the way for the people in the industry to be better informed about the market and future development trends. This year's exhibition scale is unprecedentedly large with OE10 brand pavilions and the exhibition area expanded to 50,000㎡, much larger than previous years. CSF 2019 covers 16 categories of the industry, including products and services of the whole industrial chain of cultural consumption. Exhibitors compete with their own strategies and measures. The theme of CSF 2019 is “Academic Success”, which is considered one of the most significant events in traditional Chinese culture. Products displayed at this exhibition include students' stationery, schoolbags, cups and pots, gifts, electronic products and other stationery at a time when students begin to return to school from holiday. One-stop purchases have greatly improved the efficiency of the exhibition. Here, the visitors are enthusiastic. The booths are crowded and the atmosphere is friendly and interactive.

Industrial leaders gathering, discussing the development prospects of the stationery industry

Serving as a benchmark for the cultural industry, the high-profile CSF is a great feast for every enterprise and person in this industry. There are not only new products, but also the latest information on the stationery industry. Exchanges and cooperation in the industry are in full swing. The most-known brands such as Tmall, Truecolor, Guangbo, Comix, Yeading, Hengda, and Caarany introduce the new trends in the industry, sharing useful information, helping enterprises and practitioners to expand their cognitive horizons and found a winning strategy for business, so as to be more active in dealing with the changes of the environment. New retail and IP derivatives are the focus of the current industry, and are analyzed in the theme forums of this exhibition. Among them, Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co., Ltd., which has a huge number of online consumers, analyzed the stationery market from the perspective of big data and discussed the possibility of C2M models in the stationery industry at the conference with participants, extending the breadth and depth of the stationery industry’s relyiance on the Internet. Comix Group and Shanghai Yeading Brands Management and Consulting Co., Ltd. shared the theme on how to grasp the development dividend of the stationery industry, exploit its advantages to the full, and improve and promote brand building against the new consumption background. Hengda Exhibition Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. held an IP procurement and development sharing meeting based on years of rich experience and its own insights into brand building and management.


Exciting and Colorful Activities

Compared with previous years, many exhibitors have made great efforts in terms of “creativity” and “experience”. More and more new and regular exhibitors pay more attention to sharing. In response to the needs of the vast number of exhibitors and the hotspots of the college entrance examination in June, the theme of this CSF is “Academic Success”, based on which the four routes, "school supplies", "paper and paper products", " drawing/painting or art supplies" and "office supplies" are made to provide targeted services to professional audience members. In the face of many exhibits and the large-scale exhibition venues, each route runs through the E1-E4 & OE10 pavilion. On the first day of the exhibition, the visitors came in great numbers and almost reached the full capacity of the venue, but the interaction was orderly. After entering the exhibition and choosing the routes of interest, the visitors walked along the exhibition and talked with the exhibitors while receiving surprises, usually gifts given by the exhibitors.

CSF is still in full swing and will be officially closed on June 14. Peoplewho are interested are welcomed to seize the last chance for a visit!