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China Stationery Commodity Fair opened on June 27 and thousands of exhibitors gathered in Shanghai


The 112th China Stationery Commodity Fair (CSF for short), sponsored by Comexposium China Stationery Fair (formerly Zhongbai Wenhua) and supported by China Commerce Association for General Merchandise, kicked off in Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 27, 2018. According to the sponsor, CSF focuses on the supply and demand of stationery commodities, and is committed to creating high-quality product promotion, channel development and cooperation and exchange opportunities for the stationery commodity manufacturers around the world; it provides a comprehensive supply platform for distributors, retailers, department stores, wholesalers, educational institutions, brands, media and creative agencies, presenting an annual event in terms of stationery industry  for colleagues once again.


The new organizer, the first “four news”

It is said that the CSF is the only domestic stationary exhibition supported by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. Form a stable and large buyer cluster relying on more than 13,000 member companies of the China Commerce Association for General Merchandise ”(CCAGM) throughout the country; provide long-term and reliable buyer guarantee for the exhibition through more than 40 professional wholesale stationery markets distributed in various central cities across the country; build a high-end and authoritative stationery procurement and sales network supported by more than 500 well-known department stores and supermarkets inside the mall across the country; more than 100,000 stationery stores, extending the market terminals of the exhibition.

It is worth mentioning that from 2018, the Culture CSF will join hands with Comexposium-CSF (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Comexposium Group, thus the first “four news” come into being: New organizer- Comexposium-CSF (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; New height - with the largest scale and the most audiences over the past 65 years; 48,000 square meters of exhibition area, more than 30,000 professional audiences; New model - the booth reservation will be launched in the “Organizing office" at the exhibition site; New faces, international buyers including the GAS are to visit.

It is said that the Comexposium Group in France is the leading exhibition and event organizer in the world. The group is to host or participate in the hosting of 177 exhibitions and events regarding B2B and B2C, with areas covering food, agriculture, fashion, national security, architecture, high technology, optics, transportation and stationery. Each year, the Comexposium Group will receive 4,5000 exhibitors from 23 countries around the world and more than 3 million visitors.

The Comexposium-CSF (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, formerly known as Zhongbai Wenhua Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and its name was changed to Comexposium-CSF (Shanghai) Co., Ltd after cooperating with the Comexposium Group. The Comexposium will inherit the successful experience of many years, bring new ideas to the world in terms of internationalization and specialization, and make the CSF a professional exhibition with more brand influence.


Thousands of exhibitors, a collection of stationery products

Founded in 1953 and supported by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, CSF has successfully held 100 exhibitions in more than 60 years and become the professional trade exhibition for the stationery industry manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific Region to carry out product promotion, channel development, cooperation and exchange.

Compared with the previous session, the number of exhibitors in the 112th session has soared. Nearly 1,000 exhibitors will participate in the exhibition. The Hall E1-E4 of Shanghai New International Expo Center is fully open and the area is increased by 16%. At that time, brands including Hero, Zebra, Shachihata, Guangbo, Dikesen, Fumengle,  Ourstorybegins, Huajie, Changlong, Yizheng will appear at the same time; and more than 400 new exhibitors will also bring you with their new products and concepts, including: Deyi Stationery, Kaima, Zhongsheng Huacai, Domain Lion, Cuckoo, Kidsland, Dong-A, Sannian Erban, Chinjoo paintings, Jinxin stationery, etc.


At that time, products will cover 12 categories including student stationery, office supplies and equipment, writing instruments, painting materials, drawing supplies, teaching supplies, paper and paper products, mechanical equipment, gift stationery, cultural and creative products, four treasures, leisure and entertainment products such as sports, musical instruments), etc., satisfying the buyers’ one-stop shopping demand, attracting more than 30,000 viewers, including dealers, retailers, department stores, wholesalers, educational institutions, brands, media and creative agencies, and nearly 70% of Chinese stationery manufacturers are included.

According to the organizer, the cultural creative and invited buyers area first launched this year has invited various buyer groups including Linyi Commodity Chamber of Commerce, Shandong Cargo Hall, Linyi Chamber of Commerce, Guangzhou Yiyuan, Beijing Stationery Industry Association, Weifang Commodity Town, who will drink tea with exhibitors in the area to find business opportunities.


Star product list, summit focus

Including several highlights, CSF Fair this year develops towards

internationalization. industry partners such as GAS, and International associations and media agencies such as Office Time are to visit and purchase; jointly hold the 6th “Chenguang Stationery Cup” - the world of stationery - My brush, my painting dream competition; at the same time, 23 buyers from 14 regions will visit and purchase, and Organizing Committee of the CSF will specially organize and invite buyers to carry out 8 business matching activities to provide services for the buyers in a comprehensive manner.




This year, the CSF Innovation Awards appeared for the first time in China Stationery Fair (CSF). This event focused on the display of the new and excellent products in China’s stationery industry currently, promoted the current hot products to the industry more intuitively and quickly, provided better options for the buyers and brought more business opportunities to the exhibitors. The event ended on June 11th, with a total of 73 products participating in the competition, and a total number of 92,477 votes; 15 products were presented with 2018 CSF Innovation Awards, and 35 products were presented 2018 CSF Popularity Awards. It has attracted wide attention from people in the industry and all award-winning products will be displayed on site.

In addition, We have invited Mr Chu Xiuqi, China Commerce Commercial Association for General Merchandise, and several general Managers of domestic and foreign manufacturing companies, OEM companies and distribution companies in the stationery industry to deliver speeches; The half-day conference will focus on “the new era, the development of Chinese stationery enterprises”, and related exchanges and discussions on such topic will be held. At the same time, Huang Jing, general manager, and Xie Liwei, chief R&D engineer of Zhaoqing STAS stationery Co.,Ltd will also share the business strategy and product strategic positioning of the company.