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Attending the expo via the Internet

Attdenting the expo online

What is the most popular word this year?

It’s “live streaming”, of course.

You will not miss it at the CSF of this year. 

Following the first live streaming forum, CSF WeChat “live streaming platform for exchanges of the industry” will hold the event of “attending the expo via the Internet” from September 17 to September 18. Two professional live streaming hosts will guide the online audience to attend the offline expo and each exhibitor will have three minutes to introduce your enterprise and products. 

We intend to connect the online and offline event by means of video live streaming so that more audience who cannot come to the site for personal reasons are able to attend the fair via the Internet and get to know our exhibitors and products, providing each exhibitor a new platform and opportunity to showcase themselves.  

You do not need to sign up for this event!

Since there may be big changes on the site of live streaming and there are a large number of exhibitors, we hope that you can make the following preparations before the expo starts so as to make the best use of the three minutes available for your interview. The hosts on site will come to interview you at any time. 

1. Prepare a brief introduction of your company in advance and pick one or one series of your flagship product to showcase. (Full time: three minutes)

2. Mobilize each of your staff attending the fair to make a wonderful introduction of your enterprise and key product or you can specially appoint a speaker.

3. Print the contact information of your account manager (business card or WeChat QR code) to show in front of the camera.