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Concurrent Activities of CSF 2021

More precise business matching activities

Business matching

The automated business matching service allows you to search your desired companies and products on the platform system of the official website, to make an appointment on the exhibition site and therefore speed up the reaching of cooperation.

Group buyers

We keep organizing professional buyer groups from major product distribution centers across the country.

International buyers

We develop international purchasing channels and organize international buyer groups from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Europe and America and other regions.

VIP buyers

We provide one-to-one customization, invite VIP buyers jointly with you, and offer your customers more convenient, and high-quality exhibition services.

CSF Summit Forum

The CSF Summit Forum will be fully upgraded. We will invite industry experts to analyze the development of business forms within the industry, help you to follow the developing trend of the industry, discover new ideas and create new business opportunities; we will invite industry pioneers to share their gains and losses in the entrepreneurial process, answer questions for everyone to discuss how to seek development under the new forms; and we will launch product promotion meetings for faster and more in-depth understanding of corporate brands and products, hence greater benefits for each other.