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Live Streaming Together

Benefits for exhibitors: Live Streaming Together

20 exhibitors can get the benefits we prepare for the 114th exhibitors: Live Streaming Together. 


At the end of this August, CSF will launch the concurrent event of the 114th exhibition “one-stop interaction platform with audience”, a special page H5, covering all highlights from September 17 to 19 such as exhibitor interviews, live streaming products-selling, new products marketing, meetings and forums. Enjoy yourselves form morning till evening! 

A specially made page H5 for showcase

By linking your official Tik Tok accounts and brand activities to our specially made page H5, exhibitors can get the following benefits: 

1. Your official Tik Tok accounts will be directly exposed to the audience who can go to your home page by clicking your head portrait and follow you;

2. Your brand activities will be directly exposed to the audience who can pick you anytime anywhere and interact with you;

3. Your logo will have the chance to be exposed at the site of this exhibition, which can deepen the audience’s impression about you;

4. Free digital targeted marketing for nearly a month; promotion on various platforms like Tik Tok, Tou Tiao, Xi Gua and pangle; viewed by over 20 million times;

One-stop interaction platform with audience; “a seamless big party” for exhibitors; fans will visit you online!